Monday, September 14, 2009

Going through lot of questions these days.

Going through lot of questions these days,
Should do what I want or do what they don’t want?
Which idea is best within all worst?
Should I laugh out loud or should I burst?

Is it a joke or a topic for praise?
Going through lot of questions these days.

Where is the bliss, in woods or in dark dens?
Why there is so light, is there a bash or just a thunder now and then.
Where’s the way whether in high mountains or in deep blue sea?
How is my mood? Red, white, blue, purple or I just can’t see.

Should I close my eyes or should face the traits,
Going through lot of questions these days.

Do they know me or are they just pretending?
Should I shake hands or should start judging.
Am I alone or are they just an instinct away?
Am I late for this world or this is just another day.

Closing my eyes from lot of rays,
Going through lot of question these days.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stripped in the darkness

I stripped in the darkness wasn’t ashamed though there were images in my mind flashing continuously. What if they were present here, what if they see me nude but I wasn’t ashamed.

I stripped in the darkness.

A hole in the wall was constantly disturbing me, I could see a ray of light in my body, but I wasn’t ashamed,

I stripped in the darkness’.

I was excited banged the wall the bed the systems, could see the dust out of it, I was happy it was like applaud from the darkness. It was dark, the walls, the blades the corners, I got smashed, I was bleeding, couldn’t feel the blood in my body, I was nude.

I stripped in the darkness.

I felt primitive, I felt aesthetic, I was happy.

I stripped in the darkness.

The hole looked harder, the light increased, I banged the hole, it went big, I smashed more, it went big, I broke the wall, killed the darkness, jumped down the floor it was high felt the air touching my body, could see the ground coming closer to me, like a nude lady calling me, I opened my arms to hug her tight, I was on the ground bleeding like an ocean.

I was nude, I was happy, I stripped in the darkness.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Path to Individuality

Aping the best, may give a feeling of satisfaction but it ends the originality. As manipulation has no limits, it’s good to explore the underneath. It needs the understanding of the origin, it needs the scrutiny of the priority. But as time is considered as the only deciding factor, aping becomes the only option. The problem is somebody else decides the time and we call them experienced ones. But experience is gained from living up to one's own decisions. Decisions are probably the best options chosen in any particular circumstances. However, here comes the root, how circumstances are created? Whether its own selves or the people who were around that particular options? Well, it doesn’t matter who is responsible because in every case you were involved- a body, a mind. Though there were pressure, though there were obligations, it was you who took that decision, because, people around you can only influence you, but can’t take decision on your part. The time you stop blaming or giving credit to people for the circumstances, aping automatically gets off and true individuality emerges. There might be people who can crush you off for your individuality and if the path to individuality suffers the good way out is backup of immense thought to what ever you are doing or not a single explanation, which comes only when you do what you always wanted to do. Since, childhood we have been pressurized to ape the best, as no body had the guts to ask their kids to do something diverse. Yearn for success from an infant comes even before it comes out of the womb. So it’s clear that the sand clock is inverted as soon as you enter in this world. We never get time to think what we want to do and till the time we realize it, we are already surrounded by commitments and bulk of immature decisions. It’s like coming back to origin and thinking what should be done to sustain between billions of influencers. But, it is never late to think for yourself, your mind, your body, your soul. May be the time is less for you to take any decision, but this might be the best time to think apart and original. The decision might not end to any unconventional option, but, route to any unconventional have been through the obvious ones.

Monday, June 15, 2009

When Newton went high……………..!

One day Newton was high and started craving for some sweet. He came out of his club house and went to near by apple tree. He jumped to grab an apple, but couldn’t make it. He tried it several times, after he got tired he shouted. Hey God! You gave us power to jump down, why didn’t you enhanced it and gave us the power to jump and fly, I would have fulfilled my crave. God replied, dude, when I made adam, I thought he will be as foolish as I thought eve would be, but unfortunately they started ‘thinking’ instead of having sex. They started thinking to acquire everything they saw. The time came when they started building shelters for them, even I also found difficulty to see their intimate scene. They further started mating whenever and wherever they found comfortable place.

Other creatures came complaining to me about illegal acquisition of land by adam and eve. After a long brain storming, I came to a conclusion that the biggest mistake I did is, I gave them 'brain' to think and take their own decision. They started reproducing like anything. When I gave them their respective sex organs I thought the smaller the organ will be the less they will use it, but I am confirmed I was completely wrong. As soon as they started growing they started making community and acquiring land, killing my other creatures. And when they were free they started fighting with each other. Once I asked them, why you people are fighting with each other???? They replied “we don’t know”, I said but there must be some reason as you acquired my other creature’s land to settle your own asses, there must be something for which you are fighting. One of them shouted the reply “we don’t know but we will very soon let you know, now fuck off and let us fight”.

Newton who was listening to this God’s bull shit in reply of his one question – why he can’t jump and fly; said “you could’ve stopped them; you have all the power on this earth”. God replied; yes I could have stopped them but to stop them I had to take either of the side, and that would have made me partial. Their brains were sharp enough to persuade each other that they are fighting for me only.
Newton asked; but how it’s possible that so many in numbers can fight for single thing, that’s you. God said- that was the reason even I was puzzled, it will make no sense even after I will stop them fighting, sooner or later their generations will fight, I had to come up with a permanent solution. Newton asked and what was it??? I made human life limited, God replied. Their generation will die and new generation will come up with new thoughts and philosophy. Newton said- but I don’t think that it would have solved your problem, because it will continue. Brain develops its mindset and it will pass generation to generation and by the way that has nothing to do with my question, why the fuck I can’t jump and fly. God shared a joint with him and replied; I discussed this generation problem with my father. Newton interrupted - just a second, now who is your father???????? God smiled and said, ‘Evil’………………………………………………………………………………
He suggested me, ask your nature to change time to time, and hence I created flood, landscape, earthquake. Newton asked- will it work? God said- come out of your club house and fucking theories and think how many people will die in it. It will certainly work and people will stop fighting and will start helping each other at the time of all natural disasters. Newton said-but I think it is not the permanent solution to bring peace because we have created money and racism which will be a never lasting reason for us to fight. Newton further added, I have an idea for you, allocate whole earth to each community because anyways you have lots of universe in your account and you can distribute a whole earth to every community surviving here. If you wish you can pre-test it for Indians, because as of now they don't have any identity as far as community and religion is concerned they are very focused. God smiled and replied- I don't know what you eat in your breakfast, formula's ! That's the biggest crap I can do. I had thought about this decades back. As the largest community will be Christianity and Indians will be smaller in number, so I thought to allocate an earth to them. But than I forecasted that those assholes will come up with more fucking bunch of powerful religions which even I wouldn't have predicted. They will be fighting like cats and dogs even in that part of land for their religion and illusions. It was clear, even if I would have given whole earth you people; you would again come up with such things and would keep fighting.

Newton was fucked up with God’s explanations and shouted- God! That’s it, why the fuck I can’t fly? God replied; because I don’t have the guts to fight with you people. Because you people can fly up to me anytime to fuck my ass for your greed and pleasure, acquire my and my people’s land. It is heaven and we are very happy here, don’t want any mess to happen.

Newton said but in that case it might happen that we can jump down and can reach to any extent and can even kill ‘Evil’. God laughed and said – Try it, he is my father, he will fuck your asses permanently and there will be nothing left on this earth, may be you humans know this fact and you call it ‘hell’. I hope you don’t want to get into that mess.

God had the last puff of the joint and disappeared. Newton called her again, but he got the reply- I am with my dad will catch you later. Bye!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Still they show me the way. . . .

They are followers, they are lost, they do things just because they are told to do it and always judge themselves and others on the parameters which others have set for them. Everybody thinks they are better because they do things in a much better way from others but don’t think whether they are required to do that?

They never bother to think about themselves or about their own likes and dislikes. Even for their likes and dislikes they turn towards everybody and ask them, can I like this? Because they don’t want to break the parameters set by their ancestors and others, and if anybody amongst them wants to do something different or even wish to do something different they conclude that wish in few negative sentences because in their dictionary that wish is not mentioned and hence they are unable to judge it. They think they are good at judging and they judge because for them things are either right or wrong. They have predefined conclusion for everything, for every thought, for every dream. They are scared of changes but claims to be open for changes. Even they have definition for changes. If anybody does same thing in different manner is a change for them but if anybody wants to do new things in his own manners is not accepted by them and again they are ready with their judgments.

Everybody thinks he is a leader but becomes slave wherever they see materialistic profit. They donate to gain profits but again from that they want to fulfill their spiritualism. They need a materialistic approach even for spiritual thoughts. They say- worship and you ill get money, luxury and women. If anybody does anything for his/her own-self they have a term for it called selfishness. Though everybody is selfish in their own way but they think selfishness is a negative thought to accept and nobody should be selfish.

They develop a thought which is an obvious emergence of their predetermined parameters, till here its well and good, but now they want to impose that thought on others and if it is contradicted they will force others to follow through every violent or non-violent approach.

Everybody is leader but still they want a leader

All you can do is make your own world within you and don’t explain it. Generalize it if you wish others to live in it, personalize it if you wish peace in it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stick to 'origin'

A dream is added to the origin for a desired result, which is further subtracted for some another result, again it is multiplied to get an enhanced result and than it is divided for the betterment, a conscious differentiates it for everybody and everybody forces it to integrate it for each one of them, finally after all calculations brackets are applied to keep it safe and further more brackets are added to preserve it . . . . .!

Time comes for a relaxation

Suddenly, a new thing is stumbled, which can be further added to the preserved result. All the earlier applied brackets are solved to dig out the result, but after solving all the brackets the preserved result now seems to be ambiguous. Conscious start thinking about the origin from where the calculation had started but now the perception to that origin has also changed and now a new interpretation to that origin has evolved. May be the grown up version of the perception to that preserved result has become more adequate. But all the calculation which was done earlier is distracting the new calculation. But after all, same thing will be done again & again and different results will evolve, comparatively, it might give the impression of satisfaction every time.

Finally possibilities are when all the calculation will be bunged. The conscious will realize that the origin from where the calculation had started never needed any calculation. After this era of obvious self realization the day will come for that dream when she will achieve ‘Nirvana’!

Monday, November 10, 2008

God need Shelter

You need a building or a statue or a stone (eyes) in front of which you can stand and worship your God. You need people who can teach/preach you how you can achieve Nirvana. You need songs (ears) which can relate you to your God; you need prasad or holy water (tongue) which you can eat or drink and can flush your sins. Unfortunately the truth is you are governed by your 5 senses so much that they decides your peace, happiness and sorrow.

Your eyes works as a shelter for your vision, your ears are the shelter for the sound you hear, your tongue works as a shelter for the taste, your nose works as a shelter for the fragrance. But are your all happiness & sorrows governed by them? Can you capture the smile for which you have been waiting for so long? And if yes, than what does a camera does and what's the difference?

Even if you stand in front of God you close your eyes to worship, though you have come long way for darshan (view). You do all the deeds which your 5 senses ask you to do, What for? For silence & peace in your life!! . . . And after achieving Nirvana you say every thing is inside you and you have to listen to your soul. Basically, your 5 senses are just a shelter for whatever comes in front of you but the end happiness & peace is within you.

Your body works as a shelter for your soul, thoughts & imagination. It doesn’t matter you die, because your saying, your thoughts, your imagination lives forever, as somebody else gives them shelter after you.

Is there any assurance that after giving shelter to a lawaris boy in a building, he has got that happiness & peace in his life? May be no, because he himself has to work for his own shelter. Same is the case with the organizations who claims to give shelter to those unfortunate women who are facing problems in their life and searching for shelter. Are they happy enough after getting 4 walls and a roof for themselves? Is this we call Shelter??

There is no shelter for your mind and soul. The ultimate happiness, sorrows is within us and no building, no roof, walls can provide shelter to your thoughts & imagination. The almighty God is within you, no building statue, and monument can provide shelter to God. Purity of your soul is God, the positive source of energy around you is God and God needs shelter in you not in your 5 senses or a building.........