Monday, November 10, 2008

God need Shelter

You need a building or a statue or a stone (eyes) in front of which you can stand and worship your God. You need people who can teach/preach you how you can achieve Nirvana. You need songs (ears) which can relate you to your God; you need prasad or holy water (tongue) which you can eat or drink and can flush your sins. Unfortunately the truth is you are governed by your 5 senses so much that they decides your peace, happiness and sorrow.

Your eyes works as a shelter for your vision, your ears are the shelter for the sound you hear, your tongue works as a shelter for the taste, your nose works as a shelter for the fragrance. But are your all happiness & sorrows governed by them? Can you capture the smile for which you have been waiting for so long? And if yes, than what does a camera does and what's the difference?

Even if you stand in front of God you close your eyes to worship, though you have come long way for darshan (view). You do all the deeds which your 5 senses ask you to do, What for? For silence & peace in your life!! . . . And after achieving Nirvana you say every thing is inside you and you have to listen to your soul. Basically, your 5 senses are just a shelter for whatever comes in front of you but the end happiness & peace is within you.

Your body works as a shelter for your soul, thoughts & imagination. It doesn’t matter you die, because your saying, your thoughts, your imagination lives forever, as somebody else gives them shelter after you.

Is there any assurance that after giving shelter to a lawaris boy in a building, he has got that happiness & peace in his life? May be no, because he himself has to work for his own shelter. Same is the case with the organizations who claims to give shelter to those unfortunate women who are facing problems in their life and searching for shelter. Are they happy enough after getting 4 walls and a roof for themselves? Is this we call Shelter??

There is no shelter for your mind and soul. The ultimate happiness, sorrows is within us and no building, no roof, walls can provide shelter to your thoughts & imagination. The almighty God is within you, no building statue, and monument can provide shelter to God. Purity of your soul is God, the positive source of energy around you is God and God needs shelter in you not in your 5 senses or a building.........