Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stripped in the darkness

I stripped in the darkness wasn’t ashamed though there were images in my mind flashing continuously. What if they were present here, what if they see me nude but I wasn’t ashamed.

I stripped in the darkness.

A hole in the wall was constantly disturbing me, I could see a ray of light in my body, but I wasn’t ashamed,

I stripped in the darkness’.

I was excited banged the wall the bed the systems, could see the dust out of it, I was happy it was like applaud from the darkness. It was dark, the walls, the blades the corners, I got smashed, I was bleeding, couldn’t feel the blood in my body, I was nude.

I stripped in the darkness.

I felt primitive, I felt aesthetic, I was happy.

I stripped in the darkness.

The hole looked harder, the light increased, I banged the hole, it went big, I smashed more, it went big, I broke the wall, killed the darkness, jumped down the floor it was high felt the air touching my body, could see the ground coming closer to me, like a nude lady calling me, I opened my arms to hug her tight, I was on the ground bleeding like an ocean.

I was nude, I was happy, I stripped in the darkness.

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