Saturday, June 13, 2009

Still they show me the way. . . .

They are followers, they are lost, they do things just because they are told to do it and always judge themselves and others on the parameters which others have set for them. Everybody thinks they are better because they do things in a much better way from others but don’t think whether they are required to do that?

They never bother to think about themselves or about their own likes and dislikes. Even for their likes and dislikes they turn towards everybody and ask them, can I like this? Because they don’t want to break the parameters set by their ancestors and others, and if anybody amongst them wants to do something different or even wish to do something different they conclude that wish in few negative sentences because in their dictionary that wish is not mentioned and hence they are unable to judge it. They think they are good at judging and they judge because for them things are either right or wrong. They have predefined conclusion for everything, for every thought, for every dream. They are scared of changes but claims to be open for changes. Even they have definition for changes. If anybody does same thing in different manner is a change for them but if anybody wants to do new things in his own manners is not accepted by them and again they are ready with their judgments.

Everybody thinks he is a leader but becomes slave wherever they see materialistic profit. They donate to gain profits but again from that they want to fulfill their spiritualism. They need a materialistic approach even for spiritual thoughts. They say- worship and you ill get money, luxury and women. If anybody does anything for his/her own-self they have a term for it called selfishness. Though everybody is selfish in their own way but they think selfishness is a negative thought to accept and nobody should be selfish.

They develop a thought which is an obvious emergence of their predetermined parameters, till here its well and good, but now they want to impose that thought on others and if it is contradicted they will force others to follow through every violent or non-violent approach.

Everybody is leader but still they want a leader

All you can do is make your own world within you and don’t explain it. Generalize it if you wish others to live in it, personalize it if you wish peace in it.

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