Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stripped in the darkness

I stripped in the darkness wasn’t ashamed though there were images in my mind flashing continuously. What if they were present here, what if they see me nude but I wasn’t ashamed.

I stripped in the darkness.

A hole in the wall was constantly disturbing me, I could see a ray of light in my body, but I wasn’t ashamed,

I stripped in the darkness’.

I was excited banged the wall the bed the systems, could see the dust out of it, I was happy it was like applaud from the darkness. It was dark, the walls, the blades the corners, I got smashed, I was bleeding, couldn’t feel the blood in my body, I was nude.

I stripped in the darkness.

I felt primitive, I felt aesthetic, I was happy.

I stripped in the darkness.

The hole looked harder, the light increased, I banged the hole, it went big, I smashed more, it went big, I broke the wall, killed the darkness, jumped down the floor it was high felt the air touching my body, could see the ground coming closer to me, like a nude lady calling me, I opened my arms to hug her tight, I was on the ground bleeding like an ocean.

I was nude, I was happy, I stripped in the darkness.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Path to Individuality

Aping the best, may give a feeling of satisfaction but it ends the originality. As manipulation has no limits, it’s good to explore the underneath. It needs the understanding of the origin, it needs the scrutiny of the priority. But as time is considered as the only deciding factor, aping becomes the only option. The problem is somebody else decides the time and we call them experienced ones. But experience is gained from living up to one's own decisions. Decisions are probably the best options chosen in any particular circumstances. However, here comes the root, how circumstances are created? Whether its own selves or the people who were around that particular options? Well, it doesn’t matter who is responsible because in every case you were involved- a body, a mind. Though there were pressure, though there were obligations, it was you who took that decision, because, people around you can only influence you, but can’t take decision on your part. The time you stop blaming or giving credit to people for the circumstances, aping automatically gets off and true individuality emerges. There might be people who can crush you off for your individuality and if the path to individuality suffers the good way out is backup of immense thought to what ever you are doing or not a single explanation, which comes only when you do what you always wanted to do. Since, childhood we have been pressurized to ape the best, as no body had the guts to ask their kids to do something diverse. Yearn for success from an infant comes even before it comes out of the womb. So it’s clear that the sand clock is inverted as soon as you enter in this world. We never get time to think what we want to do and till the time we realize it, we are already surrounded by commitments and bulk of immature decisions. It’s like coming back to origin and thinking what should be done to sustain between billions of influencers. But, it is never late to think for yourself, your mind, your body, your soul. May be the time is less for you to take any decision, but this might be the best time to think apart and original. The decision might not end to any unconventional option, but, route to any unconventional have been through the obvious ones.