Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stick to 'origin'

A dream is added to the origin for a desired result, which is further subtracted for some another result, again it is multiplied to get an enhanced result and than it is divided for the betterment, a conscious differentiates it for everybody and everybody forces it to integrate it for each one of them, finally after all calculations brackets are applied to keep it safe and further more brackets are added to preserve it . . . . .!

Time comes for a relaxation

Suddenly, a new thing is stumbled, which can be further added to the preserved result. All the earlier applied brackets are solved to dig out the result, but after solving all the brackets the preserved result now seems to be ambiguous. Conscious start thinking about the origin from where the calculation had started but now the perception to that origin has also changed and now a new interpretation to that origin has evolved. May be the grown up version of the perception to that preserved result has become more adequate. But all the calculation which was done earlier is distracting the new calculation. But after all, same thing will be done again & again and different results will evolve, comparatively, it might give the impression of satisfaction every time.

Finally possibilities are when all the calculation will be bunged. The conscious will realize that the origin from where the calculation had started never needed any calculation. After this era of obvious self realization the day will come for that dream when she will achieve ‘Nirvana’!